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The following is a select list of projects. Click a photo to view project gallery.

161 Grand Street / 221 Centre Street

-Local Law 11 Façade Inspection

-Sidewalk Vault Reconstruction


245 East 40th Street

-Local Law 11 Façade Inspection & restoration

652 Broadway

-LL11 Façade Inspection

-Façade Restoration

PS 911

-Façade Restoration

-Terra cotta replacement & Detailing  

601-611 West 137th Street

-Façade Restoration

-Terra Cotta Repair & Coating 

Soho Grand Hotel

-Local Law 11 Façade Inspection, Restoration & Repair 

99-63 66th Street

-Chimney Rebuild

-Façade Restoration  

444 Middleneck Avenue, Great Neck

-Drainage analysis

-Design & Construction Oversight 

Bulk Liquid Oxygen Permit, Design & Oversight

370 Westchester Avenue, Port Chester

-Drainage analysis 


-Pavement restoration & Façade Repair

245 West 104th Street

-LL11 Inspection

-Façade Restoration